Four Door Bookcase


This magnificent mahogany four door bookcase with beautiful grain to doors , drop handles to the top and bottom , all sections have shelves, four doors below have one shelf, swan neck handles to drawers, standing on a plynth base this whole bookcase can be dismantled for easy moving. The locks on this bookcase which are stamped Chubb London 123 Queen Victoria Street Chubb patient 1368771 makers to Her Majesty .
This bookcase would also make a good gun cupboard, house keepers cupboard used in a large libary/dining room.


8ft 10 Width 2700 mm

8ft 8 Height 2640 mm

Bookcase depth 1ft 300mm

Internal bookcase Depth 10″ 255mm

Cupboard Base depth 1ft 7 480mm

Internal cupboard depth 1ft 4 400mm